Nerida + Sten | Athol Hall

Nerida and Sten met a few years ago in a bar in Surry Hills. After about two years, Sten proposed to Nerida over breakfast. He didn’t have a ring, so he tied a piece of yellow string around Nerida’s finger instead.

Sten is a Product Manager in software, and Nerida has been a full-time mom to their toddler. Previously, she worked as a Business Designer in a tech start-up.


When we asked them what their favorite moment was of the day (besides becoming husband and wife, of course!), they shared that they loved seeing friends from all corners of the globe come together. You can see the joy and celebration that they shared together come through the photos.


One interesting thing about Nerida’s wedding dress by Carla Zampatti is that she bought it a week before the wedding! She narrates, "I bought my dress a week before the wedding, and my friend who is a dressmaker fitted it to me the night before." We wouldn’t have guessed because the gown was just perfect on her.


We asked them if they have any advice for other couples planning a wedding. They said, “Don’t fret over small details… it’s just a wedding.”

“The photographers were seamless on the day. We really wanted candid shots and a short time for the family shots, which they did excellently.”
— Nerida and Sten



  1. Wedding Gown

    Carla Zampatti

  2. Groom's Suit


  3. Bridesmaids' Dresses

    Zimmerman and Gorman

  4. Bride's Shoes

    Tony Bianco

  5. Wedding Rings

    Oliver Tanner and Anania

  6. Hair and Makeup
  7. Flowers


  8. Catering

    The venue Athol Hall, also looked after catering

  9. Celebrant

    Kathryn Breusch

  10. Wedding Cake

    Katie's Cakes

  11. Stationery (invites, place cards, favour tags, etc.)


  12. Music

    Murilo Tanouye - guitarist

  13. Prop or Furniture Hire (chairs, drink dispensers, tables, games etc)

Kezia + Alastair

The reception venue they booked closed down. Kezia had to administer first aid to an unconscious and bleeding cyclist who had been in an accident on her way to get her hair done. A swarm of bees took over the garden at their ceremony, and they had to move the cocktail hour. But nothing could stop this wedding! 

Koskela Kitchen turned out to be the perfect venue for K + A. "We both love weddings, but didn't think the traditional wedding was for us. As a result, we went looking for a bit of an alternative reception venue. Once we found it, it all kind of fell into place from there. We wanted it to feel like a big family party, and I think we succeeded."

The moment Kezia knew Al was the one? On one of her Sydney visits, she had just arrived from a 14 hour flight to find Al waiting for her at the hotel. "When we went to the room he put me to bed exactly how I liked, completely tucked in, except for my feet."

Well, that settles that then. True love, bees, and a feast in a converted warehouse. Bliss! 

Ceremony:  Centennial Park

Reception: Koskela Kitchen