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We are wedding photographers, based in Sydney and Melbourne.

We travel all over Australia, and we also shoot internationally (as long as we can get the right visas - we’ve got a few international passports between us which helps!).


You’ve found your folk.

Hi, I’m Ellen, the founder of Folk and Follow. This is a very special project for me. My friends and I had been working together for years, shooting lovely weddings with lovely people. But we desired more - we wanted a way to practice our art; to delve deeply into warmth and joy and connection.

We longed for simplicity, and knew that somewhere among the tulle and fondant we'd find the beautiful gatherings of people following their own paths.



How do you work?

We offer a personalised, one-on-one service to make sure your experience is easy and pleasant, and your photos are beautiful. We offer warm and friendly support - from bespoke wedding-day schedules for the optimal timing for fun and photos, to making sure you feel comfortable in front of the camera on your wedding day, and of course delivering unforgettable images.

Our style is intentional and artful. We know this is your forever marriage, so we’re going to get it right.

why do you shoot weddings?

We are really fucking passionate about our jobs. We’re the kinds of people who get wrapped up in your story, and find ourselves deeply emotionally invested. We shoot for how it feels, not just how it looks.

From a photography nerd point of view, shooting a wedding is the ultimate challenge - there’s no studio lighting, no professional models, no last minute reschedules if the weather looks sketchy. On a commercial shoot we’re the most important people in the room, at a wedding? If we’re close to invisible we’re doing our job well. It’s a combination of super high stakes and close to no control. As nuts as it sounds, that’s the most exciting bit.

A wedding is all about surrender - going with whatever the day brings. It’s in this surrender that we can find real magic - finding beautiful moments and crafting beautiful images in unexpected places.

With our years of training and experience, and our support through your months of planning, we’re well equipped to take amazing photos regardless of what the universe throws at us.


We’re all about community and connection - the solo life was never for us. We’re stronger together - we share ideas, hone our craft together, and combine our experience and knowledge. We support each other, which in turn allows us to support you.

We chose to work together as a collective for our own peace of mind and yours. We can’t imagine anything more stressful than working without a solid backup plan, and you’ve got more than enough to worry about with your planning to add “what if the photographer breaks her leg the day before my wedding” to the list. If anything goes wrong we have the comfort of knowing we’ve got the support of friends to make sure there’s no interruption to your day. We only work with other photographers whose experience, style, and approach meet our obsessively high standards.

We’re really happy with our size as a small group - it allows us to have talented people to perform specific tasks: a left-brain manager to guide you through the planning process, answer all your questions and keep everything on track; and a highly skilled in-house editor to edit your photos in a cohesive style. The support of these people means the photographers can focus on their art (cause frankly, no one needs creatives in charge of the admin!).

We’re experienced enough that we can help you navigate any roadblocks you encounter in your planning process or on your wedding day - we’ve seen it all, and we’re unflappable.

So who will my photographer be?

Personal connection is really important, so we’ll make sure we find you the perfect fit. You can see your photographer’s recent weddings so you’ll have the comfort of knowing you’re in good hands. Once you’ve spoken to them there won’t be any changes unless something totally unexpected happens (see above “what if the photographer breaks her leg the day before my wedding!”).

I’m not photogenic!

Don’t worry, you’re totally normal. Not many people love having their photo taken, so we’re used to catching beautiful moments where your joy shines through, and you look really radiant.

Throughout your wedding day, we shoot in a documentary style, catching beautiful candid moments so you'll have a photo gallery full of joy. We offer gentle guidance during the portrait session to make sure you look your best, and have a good time so you don't need to worry about feeling awkward or un-photogenic.

Can you help with our schedule? WE want beautiful photos, but we want to spend as much time at our party as we can!

Damn straight. No one should be spending hours and hours away from their party (nor should your guests be left aimless while you’re absent!). We can help you choose the best way to schedule your day using the light as a guide, making sure that you and your guests have the best time possible.

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