I'm Ellen, the founder of Folk + Follow.

Folk + Follow is a very special project to me. 

My fellow photographers and I had been working together for years, shooting lovely weddings with lovely people. But we desired more - we wanted a way to practice our art; to delve deeply into warmth and joy and connection.  


We longed for simplicity, and knew that somewhere among the tulle and fondant we'd find the beautiful gatherings of people following their own paths. We delight in making the intangible tangible - atmosphere, friendship, beauty, and love. The story of your marriage doesn't start and end on your wedding day, it's what you do with those memories that really matters. 

When you hold a photo in your hand you hold your mum's pride, your best friend's exhilaration, your new brother's welcome. You can hold a promise of a lifelong love, and an amazing adventure that's only just beginning. 

I hope that with us, you've found your folk. Get in touch, we'd love to hear from you.