Lap + Cait | Beare Park & Three Williams Wedding

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On a clear Saturday afternoon, Lap and Cait had a beautiful wedding ceremony at the Beare Park, Elizabeth Bay. Then they, with their friends and family, headed over to Three Williams along Elizabeth Street in Redfern for their reception. Colorful, energetic lion dancing was one of the highlights the couple chose to treat their guests to.

Cait got ready in Rozelle, while Lap got ready in The Old Clare Hotel. Then Cait took the water taxi from Balmain to go to Beare Park.

Lap is an actor/producer, while Cait is a primary school teacher. They first met at the Hollywood Hotel at a mutual friend's birthday celebration. "We seemed to click from the moment we met. We both seemed to want to stick by each other's side that night. After a couple of months, we then bumped into one another again, and we had a great night out with all our friends. Our relationship started from there, and we have been a team ever since," they recounted.

How did you know your partner is "the one"?

Cait shared, "We have always known that we would be pretty significant to one another. We never fight, life is pretty easy, and we love each other immensely. We have always said as long as the relationship is fun and it works we would stick to it. It's still fun and it still works 5 years on, so why not make it a forever thing?"

Tell us a little about the proposal.

"Lap had planned to propose after a special birthday lunch at a Michelin star restaurant in Paris but unfortunately we were so full of beautiful French food, we needed a big siesta. So instead he surprised me on the banks of the Seine. We were having an evening picnic with delicious cheese and wine. It was stunning, but it started to rain. As it started to pour down, Lap sat down next to me and pulled something out of his pocket. I was so shocked I choked on my cheese biscuit and exclaimed, "But its raining!" (Not the reaction he had wanted). But of course I was over the moon. It was really raining by the time he had asked me so we had to quickly pack up our picnic and we celebrated by running through the streets of Paris with wines in hand. It was perfect."

The wedding

Lap and Cait just wanted their wedding to be very relaxed but also romantic. Cait also wanted a few little touches to acknowledge Lap's Vietnamese heritage.

When we asked them what marriage means to them, they said, "Marriage means a life shared with someone you respect, enjoy and nurture."

Cait's Dress

We asked Cait to talk to us about her dress. She said, "It's from Barefaced Bride, and I think the brand is Rachel Gilbert (maybe). Barefaced Bride sells second hand or rejected dresses, and this is a rejected dress. But I love it! It is a really simple slip with a low back. I found a lace cami to go on top. They are not meant to go together but I absolutely love it."

Advice for other couples planning a wedding

We asked Lap and Cait if they had advice to offer to other couples planning their weddings. Cait confided, "I just had a checklist that I have methodically gone through. I also eliminated a lot of items that I thought were a bit over the top or didn't suit us. I guess my advice is just enjoy the process and allow planning the wedding to be a time where you explore your relationship and what it means to you both - that way, hopefully, you will have a wedding that is personal and meaningful." We agree and think this advice is very important for couples to take.


Cait's Dress: The Barefaced Bride

Footwear: Chloe

Hair and Makeup: Nicola Beese

Lap's Suit: Armani

Bridesmaids outfits: Bec and Bridge and House of Harlow

Groomsmen suits: Jack London

Celebrant: Jessie Cacchillo

Flowers: Sophia Kaplan

Caterer: Three Williams

Desserts: Adriano Zumbo

Stationery: Off On My Bicycle

Buses: Murrays