Some things are better in motion.

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We've partnered with Marry Me Movies to provide a seamless, and affordable, stills and film package. 

It's important that your photographer and cinematographer enjoy working together. It's a disaster when you book a low-key documentary photographer, only to accidentally book a pushy over-directive video team who kinda spoil the vibe. (And it's hard to tell just by watching their films which are which!) 

We've worked with a lot of cinematographers, so we can confidently recommend Marry Me Movies - their style is consistently beautiful, and they are lovely to spend the day with. No painful posing, just beautiful documentary footage.

They love working with us too, so they've offered a special rate, just for you! Book Folk + Follow, and Marry Me will offer a very generous rate.

8 hours coverage starts from $3000 (normally $3600).

Reach out to marry me Movies now, and don't forget to tell them we sent you!