How to ruin your wedding day in 6 easy steps. 

We've seen innumerable wedding day disasters, many of which can be ameliorated with a little bit of pre-planning (and a lot of IDGAF).  

crappy weather

One person's beautiful sunshine is another person's hellish inferno. Some people find a rainy wedding super romantic and cosy, while other people prefer the blazing sun. Google the historical weather conditions on your day, and plan accordingly. If you're going to get married outdoors in summer, keep your guests' comfort in mind and get some parasols (or make sure you're set up in the shade - and have iced water available!). Plan a pretty wet-weather option (ideally not a grim function room with ugly downlights and no natural light) so if you are rained out you won't be disappointed. Chat to your photographer about some wet weather options for your photos (or be brave and get some shots in the rain!). With enough blankets and gas heaters, an outdoor reception in winter can be lovely! 

Your family 

Is there anyone in the world who knows how to get under your skin like your family? Mumzillas and Dadzillas who show their love by stressing all day, uncles who are mysteriously absent for key family photos (that your aunt insists are absolutely VITAL), siblings who are too cool to smile (or stay sober....). Set expectations up front - if you want someone to do something, let them know in advance ("Dad, you're going to need to be around after the ceremony for some family photos, you're not going to have time to go home for a little break"). If your parents are keen to be involved, and have lots of "helpful" ideas - give them jobs to keep them busy. Ultimately, don't let them ruin your mood - give your Mum a glass of champagne every time she says something annoying "thanks so much for everything Mum, I'm really lucky to have you" will go a long way to keeping her happy and quiet. 


Look after your body in the lead up to the wedding, and especially on the day. Sleep in, eat lots of protein for breakfast, stay out of the sun (sunstroke on your wedding day is a massive downer!), and carry some emergency supplies like painkillers and bandaids. 


Be as kind to yourself as you can with your scheduling. Assume everything will take way longer than you think - and worst case scenario you get to hang out with Bae sipping champagne cause you've got a spare 15 minutes. Make sure you think about the temperature and the light when you're planning the schedule - you don't want to do anything in the full sun (and if your ceremony is at sunset, you might want to schedule your photos beforehand). Ultimately, things (like your family...) can go wrong, and you need enough time up your sleeve so it doesn't bother you (or the venue who are trying to get your food out on time!). 

bad vendors

Flowers with pollen that stains your white frock, an arbour that's perilously wobbly, a celebrant who can't pronounce your name and makes awkward jokes, a driver who gets lost (or lists all the people he's worked with who have died), a videographer who makes you put your shoes on 6 times for 6 angles.... there are so many ways that choosing the wrong vendor can be a bit of a downer (these are all true stories!). 

Get recommendations from friends (or other vendors) so you know the person you're planning to hire knows what they're doing and won't do anything weird. Hire people who know their stuff so you can relax! 

drunk people

Your wedding is going to be the party of the year, and people might want to celebrate... a lot. (You might want to celebrate a lot too!). If you think there are some outrageous drinkers among your guests, make a few contingency plans to keep them safe and to keep your party incident-free. Keep them well fed early in the evening (and this goes for you too!) - if champagne is the first thing in your belly 8 ours after lunch things can head south pretty quickly). If you're keen on sparklers - maybe have a sparkler first dance instead of a sparkler exit - people will be relatively sober, and won't start a small fire (or stab anyone in the face). Make sure there's a sober MC to keep the mic from impromptu speakers fuelled by a heady combination of love and alcohol. Make solid transport plans so no one is tempted to drive home after one too many glasses of champagne. 

We've got a lot of experience with all the ups and downs of a wedding day, and we'd love to help you get it right. Let's chat!